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Plamingo Ltd. is a leading company in the sector of injection molding and chrome plating of plastic parts for the automotive industry, industry of household appliances, sanitary accessories and furniture industry. Today Plamingo is one of the most recognizable companies in the sector of chrome plating of plastic parts in Europe. It is known for the quality of its products and services offered to the customers. The high quality and technological standards ensure compliance with international requirements related to the final customers in the above mentioned industries.

Plamingo has its own portfolio, which consists of:
- Injection Molding department with construction and production of the tools,
- Chrome Plating of ABS/PC plastic (chrome, satin, gold, brushed nickel and chrome)
- Wholesale and retail of equipments for bathrooms.

We currently have 210 employees and over 98% of its production is exported to 23 countries, with the largest percentage of exports is in the following countries; Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France, Slovakia, Croatia etc.


An responsible approach to the handling of chemicals and other hazardous components allows us to always keeps one step ahead of environmental regulations with continuous education and investment in our system of purification of water and air. The main objective of recycling water to return cleaned water back into the production process, with reduced environmental impact. All actions taken are justified, and the results of the periodic analysis of external institutes are below acceptable values ​​of environmental regulations. These statements are proven certified ISO 14001: 2004


To be able to keep ahead of the competition, constant and good quality is a basic requirement. The quality of products is growing along with the demands of the market. Our concept of quality is based on good planning and follow up implementation, the future is focused on investment and innovation to ensure that we are always able to act and react first. New injection molding plant with tool making possibilities, and new state of the art chrome plating line also make a significant contribution for future development. All processes also include quality management, measurement technology and trained personnel that can meet all customer requirements.

  1. 1972

    Founded by Mr. Aziz Ćurić as a small injection molding shop procesing mainly ABS plastic for chrome plating.

  2. 1992

    Registered as a “Company with limited responsibilites” and thus expanded the company activities

  3. 2003

    Start of the first Chrome Plating line, and obtained ISO standards

  4. 2012

    New plastic injection plant put to work

  5. 2013

    New headquarters

  6. 2014

    Start with new chrome plating line with 3 times increased capacity

  7. 2015

    Plan –second part of 2016 to start with new chrome plating line

  8. 2016

    Investing In Futures

Our Team

Samir Curic

General Manager

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00387 35 708 403

Senada Curic-Scheffler

HR Manager

0049 911 960 19 13
0049 911 960 19 13
0049 176 10 30 80 71

Lejla Šelo

Finance and Accounting

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00387 35 708 403

Vernes Bešić

Sales - Injection Molding and Chrome Plating

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00387 35 708 403
00387 62 129 773

Tarik Jahić

Logistic and Purchasing

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00387 35 708 403
00387 61 479 886

Adnan Hadžihasanović

Chrome Plating

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00387 35 708 403
00387 61 898 036

Nusret Muharemović

Injection Molding/Tool Shop

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00387 62 802 865

Elvir Ibranović

Sales and Purchasing - Bathroom Equipment

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00387 61 286 840

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