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In the system of our company there are two fully automated Chrome plating lines for ABS/PC plastic. The use of our services is widespread and includes automotive industry, household appliances industry, sanitary products as well as most other industries. Daily we have possibility to process about 2,000 m2 of surface. Experienced operators on the line, state of the art control system and a fully developed cascade rinsing technology guarantees high quality coatings and cost-effective products that do not pollute the environment. Many companies are taking advantage of chrome plated plastic parts. Our coatings have excellent adhesion capabilities , resistant to abrasion, scratching, temperature and humidity. We deliver to our long term suppliers and to a variety of different industries since year 2004. Our references shows our quality and reliability as a long term supplier.

- 2 x Fully Automatic Chrome Plating lines
- 2.000 m2 daily
- Framework 1200x900x500 for the first and 2500x1300x800 for the second line
- The process Adhemax® company Atotech
- Selective coating
- Glossy chromium (trivalent and hexavalent)
- Matt chrome (satin) - types of surface for most automotive industry customers
- Gold
- Brushed nickel / chrome
- Micro-porous nickel / MC
- Technology cascade rinsing
- Long-Life system for satin
- Own construction and production of the Jigs
- Auxiliary / internal anodes
- Own laboratory
- The system of circular water
- Wastewater treatment


Adhemax®, Atotech, Matt chrome, Gold, Brushed Nickel, Nickel / MC


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