Sanitary Industries

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- Hand Showers
- Handles
- Actuating plates
- Shower cubical accessories
- Fittings
- Slide bars
- Buttons
- Legs for baths and legs for bathroom cabinets
- Flor siphons

Standard materials:

- Novodur P2MC
- Polylac PA727
- Bayblend T45
- PP
- PE

Standard colour tones:

- Gloss chrome
- Matt chrome

Special Colours:

- Gold
- Stainless steel
- Nickel

Special testing standards::

- XRay layer thickness measurements
- Couloscopelayer thickness measurements
- Temperature cycling tests
- Kasternich test
- Salt spray test NSS
- Adhesion test (X-cut tape test method acc. to ASTM B 3359)


Novodur P2MC, Polylac PA727, Bayblend T45, PP, PE, Gold, Stainless steel, Nickel, Hand Showers, Handles, Actuating plates, Flor siphons